Body and Movement Therapies


Musculoskeletal Modalities

Research-based treatments aimed at resolving problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Sessions combine manual therapies with the latest technologies in addressing scar tissue, adhesions, trigger points and inflammation from both chronic and acute injuries and postural imbalances.

  • Stecco Fascial Manipulation
  • Active Release Technique
  • Avant Low Level Laser
  • High Speed, Targeted Vibration Therapies
  • Radial Shockwave
  • MediCupping
  • Sound Assisted Tissue Mobilization

Neuroreactive Balancing

Addressing the role of neurological reaction in chronic injury and performance patterns, Neuroreactive Balancing complements and improves overall outcomes where holding patterns and excessive injury reaction are key contributors. It can be tremendously beneficial in long term, multi-dimensional conditions which resist traditional approaches alone.

Neuroreactive Balancing is a unique blend of osteopathically based techniques specifically selected to fit the needs of the individual situation.

Core Integrated Strength

Integrating core, stabilizer and prime muscle strengthening, this method adopts a "foundation/ground up" approach to building truly functional strength.

Core Integrated Strength additionally emphasizes a “supple flow” approach to movement, focusing on the entire fascial line of involvement, not just a single muscle. The result is improved flexibility and increased range of motion, both improving recovery time and reducing risk of complications and injury.

"The session is like having a weight lifted off your shoulders. I always walk out feeling magical, refreshed, and like my mind and body are reset." -T.L.